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Welcome to the Book Cave. A place to find magical places, brilliant adventures and interesting creatures through books, ebooks and audio books.

I’m Rach Nevison (that’s where the Nevs comes from). I love books. I don’t read them, I devour them (Inkheart). I love discovering new worlds, characters and stories as well as sharing them. I’m going to try and share lesser known books here but I’m sure I will discover some greats that I simply have to tell you about.

January 2021 means it’s our 1st Birthday. Woo go us. We made it through 2020! It’s been one heck of year. Thankfully we’ve found some pretty amazing books to keep us company in the last 12 months and new authors to celebrate. Our first year has been incredible with fantastic opportunities and I can’t thank you enough for that. Here’s to 2021…..

If you’re a author wishing to share your work or a reader with any suggestions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form or email. I will try to reply within a couple of hours but please make allowances for time zone differences.

Helpful Bookish Links

If you’re like me, you love buying new books but building a library can get expensive. Here are some of my favourite subcriptions in order to save to some money on all your bookish needs. All of these services linked below offer a free 30 day trial that auto-renews when ended (prices below). You can cancel at anytime.

Amazon Prime: you can sign up here*. The most expensive at £79 annually but they offer full use of Prime Reading, Prime Video and Prime Music. Best if you love physical copies where you can grab great deals and free NDD on most items. Deals available for many things

Kindle Unlimited: you can sign up here*. Not a bad price at £7.99/m when you can choose from a million ebooks and thousands with audible narration. You also have access to popular magazines. Adding narration to ebooks you own saves you a stack.

Audible: you can sign up here*. This is an absolute bargain at £7.99/m. Free book of your choice every month and considering the price of an audiobook wow.

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